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Our tools are being developed in close consultation with our members to serve their needs, while being mindful of the collective objectives.


Our interviews with our Ambassadors and industry experts provide live case-studies and illustrations of how the 25×25 framework operates.

Funding is being raised to develop a public data tool which will provide a composite of hard and observational metrics over 10 years.

Be part of this community, and become an active voice on the sharing of best practice processes and procedures.

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The 25×25 private benchmarking tool is currently under development. This tool is designed to assist and accelerate the implementation of the 25×25 framework, and focusses on the Pathways to CEO and Direct Profit Centre Experience analysis.

This private benchmarking tool will allow each leadership team to track its progress against best-in-kind.


25×25 will also use closed members’ forums, sector specific analysis, surveys and events to illustrate the framework and best practice.

Since 2020 when the first survey was undertaken with 200 corporates including 90% of the FTSE100 companies and several expert individuals from the recruitment industry to now, 25×25 has gathered a wealth of hard and observational data. This data will inform 25×25’s future published research.

Be part of its development phase and become an active voice on the ESG discussion on standardisation of metric.

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